Thursday, April 5, 2012

What He Says...About this Photo

Happy April, boys and girls! I don't know about the rest of the world, but I am beyond ready for summer sun and heat. Speaking of heat, I found this hot little photo for this week's edition of What He Says, and gave the guys 100 words or less to tell me the story, or how it affects them. Body painting... *le sigh*.

ETA: In light of respecting photographer copyrights I can only give a description of the photo the guys commented on. Two men covered in colorful paint. The one standing behind the other is holding a paintbrush and painting the other's bare skin.

* * *

Thorny Sterling:
Oh, how fun! I need to get some paints and do this now. :) I mean, making him sit back and let me explore his body has been one of my favorite things since the first time I got to. Painting each bit while I explore? Hecks, yeah!

Edmond Manning:
Let me paint the beauty that I see inside you.

D.H. Starr:
This is the gay version of the scene from Ghost when Patrick Swayze is sitting behind Demi Moore and helping her to sculpt that penis of clay. In this scene, the Patrick guy is using the Demi guy to be his piece of artwork, using his hands to create the same level of sensuality that got all of us wet or hard (or both).

Stuart Wakefield:
    I’d been out for hours, trying to find the lightest canvas, number 10, for my exhibition, but everywhere had sold out.
    When I got home, Toby was sitting at the scrubbed kitchen table, reading the paper. A mug of steaming coffee stood before him like an aromatic place card.
    “It’s nearly two,” I said, my irritation clear. “What have you been doing all day?”
    He put the paper down and yawned. “I manscaped. See?” He rubbed his chest.
    I stepped forwards to touch his smooth skin, feeling the delicate softness beneath my fingertips.
    “Stay right there. I’ll get my brushes.”

* * *

Now its your turn! In 100 words or less, share your thoughts on this photo. What do you think the back story is, how does it make you feel? Everyone who tells a tale will be entered into a random draw for not one, not two, but three $15 Amazon gift cards. The winners will be announced on the next What He Says installment on April 19th, when the guys share their thoughts on gay romance in the mainstream.

Good luck, peeps! I can't wait to read everyone's comments!

And don't forget, if you have any topics, questions or photos you'd like the guys to tackle, just shoot them my way. We'll make sure you get the credit.

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  1. The colors look like what happens when I tint white icing for a cake.

    Of course, I'm usually using that icing to frost a dinosaur cake for one of my boys. That way looks like way more fun...

    1. I agree, frosting man cake would by much more fun than frosting a dinosaur cake. ;-)

    2. I feel I have to add it's an *adorable* dinosaur cake. And for some reason my youngest (he'll be 7 in May) keeps requesting a pink dinosaur, despite insisting that blue is his favorite color.

    3. Frosting! :D {adds to grocery list}

    4. LOL -- the basic little dropper-y things of food coloring (McCormicks) are great if you want those gorgeous pastel shades like in the picture. If you want deeper colors, get paste coloring at a craft or specialty store. :D

      A light colored pudding works ok, too, but is a bit messier. Just sayin' (Not that I've *ever* tried such a thing. *blushes*)

  2. It's more than 100 words so count me out for the prize; I couldn't resist, and I never met a word limit I could reach anyway:

    "It's all spoiled," he said, looking up at me. "And the paint is in my damed hair and just... everywhere. I'm sorry."

    I looked at the trim of our house, where his attempt at detailing the gingerbread curlicues had become a drippy mess. Then I looked at him. He had purple in his hair and a smudge of blue on his shoulder and a defeated look that I hated to see in his eyes. “It's very festive,” I said tentatively.

    “Don't.” He sighed. “Just don't. It's all over me and I look like a clown and...”

    “Not like a clown. And it's not all over you yet. Not half enough.”

    “What?” He stared at me, half laughing, half in alarm. “What are you doing?”

    I put my arms around him, laid my cheek alongside his, and picked up his abandoned brush. “You look like an artwork. But there's a curve here that needs detailing.” I ran a line of yellow under his shirtless pec. “And this should be brighter.” I spread the blue further across his naked shoulder.

    “You're crazy.” But he was leaning into me, softer now, following the movement of the brush.

    “Here,” I said, going for the white, on the left side of his chest. “I'm going to make a clean canvas here on your gorgeous skin, and then I'm going to sign my name, right here, over your heart.”

    1. I love that, Kaje! Thank you for sharing your "short" story with us. :-) And no worries, I'm still throwing your name in the hat.

    2. You shouldn't let me get away with that (although I won't say no :) Sammy made me write three Valentine's stories for our YA group before I got one that came in under her word limit... wait, maybe she had ulterior motives there.

    3. Aw, Kaje :) I like that.

    4. Yeppers, Kaje. I'm sensing a bit of an ulterior motive there. ;-)

  3. Wow. Leaving it under 100 words is tough! Here goes:

    I always told him he was beautiful.

    He was uncomfortable taking his shirt off. I coaxed him out of it and picked up my paintbrush. His look of fear made me put it back down. I picked up the sponge instead and dabbed paint on it. I took a step forward, and he started trembling.

    "This may help." I dragged it down his side, leaving streaks of color over the badly scarred skin.

    "Hey, that's cold. And it tickles." He tried to squirm away, but I stepped up behind and kept painting his chest until the shaking stopped.



    1. Definitely beautiful. Thank you, XXX. May be only 100 words, but a moving 100. *hugs*

  4. Ok here goes...

    I drew my fingers slowly through the thick paint coating his chest. Tiny hairs caught on my rough finger tips, soft like the bristles of his paint brush. The sensation lifting the hairs on the back of my neck and tingling bursts of pleasure to my balls.
    He gasped at the sensation, pressing back onto me and smearing a rainbow of wet creamy paint all over me as slid together, down onto the dust sheet, the plastic sticky against our hot skin. Gluing us together

    1. Thank you so much for taking a run at this, Caroline. I love it! :-)

  5. Ok, in 100 words .....

    As he drew the tip of the edible paint pen around my nipple he sighed into my ear.

    “Problem?” I asked with a smirk, feeling his erection against my back where he leant against me.

    Bending his head around my shoulder I felt his tongue lap at edible paint decorating the hollow at the base of my neck before he nibbled and licked his way along the top of my shoulder.

    “I may need to rethink this art assignment.” He said as he turned me towards him, continuing to kiss and suck at the paint down my chest and beyond.

    1. Darn that 100 word limit - it was just getting to the good part ;) Very nice.

    2. Mmm... edible paint... *fans self*

      100 words is a bit cruel, isn't it. ;-) This is fabulous, Kate. Thank you!

  6. And later they took a steamy shower together. ;P

  7. I like painting rainbows, especially sexy ones on legs, and particularly after I've thrown glitter at them, so they sparkle when they move in the sun.

    I use edible dies and jellies on my fleshy canvasses, so I can lick and suck the flavours for my evening dessert, satisfying my hot tongue, while I seek that pot of gold.

    Tomorrow, I'll try finding it again.

    1. Oh my, Justin. That was brilliant! Thank you. :-)