Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Music: Freeek

For all those who knew me 20 years ago, brace yourself. I like a George Michael song. Yes, that's right. Way back when, when George Michael still fronted Wham (oh, so dating myself here) I was a leather-clad, spandex-wearing, spiked blonde hair, hardcore rocker. While others were running around in parachute pants and singing along to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, I was banging my head in the mosh pit at Megadeth and Armored Saint concerts.

Ah, but times change and so do we. I still like to rock it out, but my musical tastes have greatly expanded since then. So, on to George Michael's Freeek. Bizarre video, but the music has a "get up and move" beat that I can't stop myself from getting up and moving to.

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