Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three to Tango

The coolest thing happened in front of my computer screen the other day. An email arrived from one of the ladies in my romance writer's critique group, Chloe Cole, asking if I'd like to co-author an M/M novella with her.

Uhm... Hello! Is water wet?

I think my answer was somewhere along the highly intelligent lines of "DUH!" or maybe it was "HELLYA!" But you get the point.

Chloe's writing is distinctly different from mine, and I love her style. The combination of our voices could turn out to be something really special. At least that's what we're hoping. We're kind of flying by the seat of our pants since co-authoring is new territory to us both, but so far, the instant message brainstorming is off to a great start. We've come up with our story idea, story location, three main characters (complete with personalities, physical descriptions and professions), and we are currently plotting the outline. Then we get to write!

To say I'm stoked is an understatement. This project is a great challenge for the both of us, and regardless of the outcome, our craft will grow from it.

Its a win-win all around, me thinks. :-)

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