Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Off to the Rodeo...

Every year I head up country to one of the local rodeos. Its a great weekend hanging out with old friends, making new ones, and cowboy (butt) watching. I always volunteer one or both days, clank cold brewskies with the crew, kick up my dusty boot heels at the dance and drool over the cowboys, er... horses.

When I'm not writing, I'm drawing. Last year I snapped off 1100 references photos for a rodeo-themed series of drawings. My focus was mostly on the horses - I grew up with them, had a couple of my own, and long for the day I can afford to get back in the saddle. This year however, my photographic eye will let the horses rest in favour of those gorgeous, rugged men we all love. And Good Lord! Who doesn't love a cowboy?! Its those sexy, snug Levi's and worn boots that do it to me every time.

Who knows, if I'm lucky I might even have myself a story-worthy experience. ;-)


  1. Oh, I certainly hope to hear a good story when you come back! You;re bringing your lasso, I assume? And is that even how one spells lasso?

  2. Yes, that's how you spell lasso... and mine came in handy this weekend. ;-)

  3. where did u go for the rodeo

    1. Its a small local rodeo in Cariboo country.